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Salvus App SOLUTIONS Natural 108 Bead Rudraksha Mala (Brown)

Salvus App SOLUTIONS Natural 108 Bead Rudraksha Mala (Brown)

SKU: B0CP24G764
₹299.00 Regular Price
₹269.00Sale Price
  • Natural Spiritual Companion: Immerse yourself in divine meditation with our Rudraksha Mala, featuring 108 natural beads. This sacred accessory is crafted to harmonize your spiritual practice.
  • Material: Plastic, Color: Black, Product Dimension: Free Size.
  • Energize Your Meditation: Enhance the energy of your meditation sessions with the natural essence of Rudraksha beads. Each of the 108 beads is carefully chosen for its spiritual significance, offering a meaningful connection to your practice.
  • Sacred Craftsmanship: Experience the authenticity of our Rudraksha Mala, where each bead is a testament to the traditional craftsmanship and natural beauty of these sacred seeds. Imbue your spiritual journey with the genuine power of Rudraksha.
  • Countless Blessings: The 108 beads in this Mala are not just a count; they represent blessings, mantras, and a sacred journey. Allow the Rudraksha Mala to guide you through a profound meditation experience, fostering a sense of tranquility and spiritual connection.
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