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About Us

Whether it is a villa, mansion, bungalow, duplex apartment, or flat, a home is always a big investment in one's life. For this reason, homeowners often look for home decor items to decorate every nook and corner of their residence to give it an appealing look. Keeping this in mind, we at Salvus Estore supply you with a few of the best home decorative items to enhance the beauty of your dream home. An interesting aspect is that we not only focus on quality but also supply environment-friendly products. Salvusestore is an online market place.


Scope of Our Product Offerings

While visiting our e-commerce store, you will get varieties of décor products, like wall hangings, wind chimes, handmade statues, natural crystal-made statues, and lots more. Our professionals also possess good knowledge of a few Vastu rules related to decorating a home. Accordingly, we supply Nazar Battu in different variants and metal horses. The experts at Salvus Estore online also know that Goddess Saraswati has the power to bring the light of knowledge, and literacy at home. Hence, we also offer a few handmade Goddess Saraswati idols to motivate the young members of your family toward their studies and academics. We also offer many artisanal items and playful items according to your festivals, like Holi 2023, Christmas, Diwali, Dussehra, and similar others.

Overall, a well-decorated home always keeps its space tidy and clean. A clean and decorated home further brings positive vibes among the people living in it. Therefore, visit our Salvus Estore today to get the best décor products for your home. 

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