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Salvus APP SOLUTIONS Valentine Combo of 2 (Multicolor)

Salvus APP SOLUTIONS Valentine Combo of 2 (Multicolor)

₹599.00 Regular Price
₹569.00Sale Price
  • The combo pack is meticulously curated, featuring a beautifully adorned box that unveils a plush teddy bear, a vibrant bouquet of real roses, and a unique addition of artificial red roses in a plastic flower pot.
  • The teddy bear provides not just a gift but a warm and comforting embrace, symbolizing affection and companionship.
  • The inclusion of a bouquet of real roses adds a touch of classic beauty and natural fragrance, bringing the freshness of the garden into the gift.
  • The artificial red roses, expertly crafted and housed in a plastic flower pot, ensure a lasting charm that persists beyond the lifecycle of real blooms.
  • The plastic flower pot introduces an innovative element to the traditional combination, offering a visually appealing and modern twist to the overall aesthetic.
  • This combo seamlessly fuses traditional elements like the teddy and real roses with a modern touch through artificial blooms, creating a harmonious blend of the classic and contemporary.
  • Ideal for celebrations, expressions of love, or just to brighten someone's day, this versatile combo pack suits a range of occasions.
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