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Salvus APP SOLUTIONS Valentine Combo of 3 (Multicolor)

Salvus APP SOLUTIONS Valentine Combo of 3 (Multicolor)

₹599.00 Regular Price
₹569.00Sale Price
  • The combo pack boasts a heart-shaped metal box, meticulously crafted to create an elegant presentation, setting the tone for a cherished gift experience.
  • Within the box, a soft teddy bear awaits, ready to provide warmth and comfort, making it the perfect cuddly companion.
  • A bouquet of roses adds a touch of timeless symbolism, expressing love and beauty in a vibrant and fragrant display.
  • The combo includes a uniquely designed wooden key chain, crafted with a couple's theme, symbolizing shared moments and togetherness.
  • Enhancing the warmth, the ceramic mug completes the ensemble, providing a canvas for cherished moments with its thoughtful design.
  • The couple-designed wooden key chain serves as a thoughtful keepsake, preserving the memory of shared moments and celebrating the bond between two individuals.
  • The combo pack is a versatile expression of love, suitable for various occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or simply to convey heartfelt sentiments.
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